What I want for my birthday

Posted by John on April 23, 2014

QMx Online has my birthday present.  
They took 10 DC heroines and bomshelled them up.

Actually what I want to do is get the whole set for Nailed It, my wife's salon.

She can hang them all over the place and I get to look at em every day.

Let's face it, I don't have a place to hang them in the house and I'd want to hang them up


At $14.95 a pop for a 18x24 100 print it's a bargain

So I'm saving up so I can get all 10 at the same time



Happy Birthday to me :)



Congrats to Meredith Grace – April 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month

Posted by John on April 19, 2014

Pinup-Doll.com strikes again. Miss April, Meredith Grace, is a lovely lady with a great set of legs. This Virginia based cutie isn't just a pinup, she is also an animal advocate, volunteers and raises money for Norfolk Animal Care Center.
I love when I am looking at a pinups about or website and I find out something special about them
Meredith Grace has some special skills:
She is an advanced Open Water Scuba Diver AND she handles animals.
I'm not talking about the human male type, tho I am sure she can handle them too, but reptiles, marine mammals and critter like that
You can catch more Meredith Grace:
On Her Website
On Facebook
Pinup for Paws and Claws


Congratulations for Meredith Grace



Let me introduce you to Christine Hodges

Posted by John on March 30, 2014

I was trolling around Facebook the other day and came across a pic from Christine Hodges
So I decided to look around and do a spot on her.
This 5'9" 34DD-27-37 cutie hails from the DC/Baltimore Metro area and according to her Model Mayhem she is 51 years old. Yes indeed folks I said 51.
From Christine's Model Mayhem:

Youthful in appearance with a warm and friendly personality, I am an agency represented model seeking opportunities that portray the older female as a contender in the modeling world.

As a consumer myself I appreciate when I see clothing, jewelry or other items targeted for my age bracket, being advertised with more mature models. 

Having said that, I also hope to break down the barriers of what a "mature" model looks like. In a society where pretty much everything goes, then age shouldn't necessarily be the first factor when screening for a model. 

My father always told me, "It's easy to be a frump", and as I have gotten older, I realize all too well what that means.  I want women of all ages to embrace their beauty and versatility, and appreciate they can still be sexy and vibrant as they grow older.  Hopefully with more mature models appearing in mainstream advertising in a more glamorous light, the perception of youth being what is sexy will change to one of it's all about the individual.  Just because you are a certain age doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to being "old"

You have to go check her out for yourself:
Christine on Facebook
Christine on Model Mayhem


There is so much to love about this lady.

She's beautiful for one, playful and fun, and versatile to boot.


There is nothing in the rules that say a pinup girl has to be a certain age or body type

It's all in the attitude that you project and this lady has attitude in spades



Congrats to Brianna Blackhart – March 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month

Posted by John on March 19, 2014

This month Pinup-Doll.com takes us all the way to Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia to meet Miss Brianna Blackhart
This adorable blonde is a amateaur burlesque performer with La Darling Dolls and is an internationally published pinup girl.
Be sure to hit her Facebook page to check her list of creds
I'd love to check out her Model Mayhem page, but it's restricted to models only and they don't have a category for us website people yet.
You can see more at:
La Darling Dolls
Brianna Blackhart on Facebook


As always.. my love to the ladies of Pinup-Doll.com . go check them out, follow them, and get pinups in your mailbox



Bourbon Bettie’s Hotel Shoot

Posted by John on February 19, 2014



I've been stalking Bourbon Bettie's Facebook page since I featured her late last year.

And I have to say that I am glad that I did.

Bourbon Bettie posted a few pics yesterday from a recent set called "Hotel Shoot"

I shared one of them because I love the pic, the sheer panties (from Secrets and Lace), the implied tease and everything else just look kicker in black and white.



So what happens last night? I get an e-mail from Bourbon Bettie herself with two exclusive pics just for me.

Well of course I had to share them with you all.


bottoms up

I love the subtleties here.

Yes, there is a pretty girl in the foreground in her sheer panties and pearls showing a lot of skin, but look at the light and the 1/2 full wine glass.


The shot sets a scene, it's not just a pic of a pretty girl.



Now this pic is a little different from the rest. It's a sepia toned shot as opposed to a straight black and white .

The editing is subtle, like if you look carefully in the mirror you can see a blur.

So far this is my favorite in the set.

I love the line from the chain on the pearls, and the curls, that goes down the back straight down to derrière, the partially removed bra and the expression on her face.

It comes off as very natural, unassuming, and candid.


You can find more Bourbon Bettie here:

Bourbon Bettie on Pinup Lifestyle

Bourbon Betttie on Model Mayhem

Bourbon Betttie on Facebook


Thanks for sharing these with me Bourbon Bettie