Pin Up Anna Sweets

Posted by John on March 29, 2015

I'm not sure how I came across Anne Sweets. but it was probably off a link from Heels For Combat Boots.
To tell you the truth I don't know a lot about Anne Sweets. other than I like her pics and I think she lives in West Virginia
At least she has a PO Box there. according to her Facebook you can send her fan mail at
Pin Up Anna Sweets
P.O. Box 327
Williamstown,WV 26187
The only site I have for Anna Sweets is Facebook
What else do you really need to know?
She's blonde, blue eyed, curvy, and rather stunning.
well actually I have a lot of questions starting with "Are there more pictures coming soon?"

A Surprise from Ginger Valiant

Posted by John on March 18, 2015

I woke up this morning to an email from Ginger Valiant. and what a way to wake up
While this set of pics from Ginger Valiant and Danger Ninja Productions aren't exactly "pinup" I still love the shots. The use of the dance mirror adds a lot of depth and visual interest to what is already a stunning shot, and the nudity in the 2 shots below aren't the focus, but add to the over all look. I like that
More More More More

Ginger Valiant on Tumblr

Ginger Valiant on Model Mayhem

Ginger Valiant on Facebook


A note about the shots above. if you click on them the annoying bar magically disappears!


Now I saved the shot to the left for last because it's my favorite.

From the look on her face, to the lunella manicure, to the hidden breasts I think it's just a beautifully done shot and if I had to pick one Ginger Valiant pic to get signed, framed and put on my wall this just might be it.




Thanks for sending me these Ginger




Meet Sadie North

Posted by John on March 03, 2015

I was spending some much needed time over on Pinup Lifestyle and found these wonderful pics from Sadie North.
Honestly I never know what I'm looking for until it's right in front of me. little did I know I was looking for this Chicago cutie
On her Pinup Lifestyle page she says:
"Sadie North never underestimates the transformative power of big hair and red lips. She's sweet, petite, and packs a spunky punch that will have you begging for more! Chicago born-and-raised, she's as cute bundled up in the cold as she is dipping her toes in Lake Michigan during the sunny summer!"
Yea that about sums it up don't it
Keep an eye on this girl
on Facebook
on Pinup Lifestyle
Sadie North has that classic hollywood look I just love, there are a couple of femme fatale shots here but the rest are that girl next door playful shot. and there is one where she manages to get one eye crosses
That just made me smile

Something special from Bourbon Bettie

Posted by John on February 20, 2015

I've been a huge fan of the female form since I was a kid growing up in the 70's.
Of course I stole my dad's Playboys and the rest of the magazines he tried to hide in his nightstand
(To be honest I don't think he tried to hide them all that hard. love you Pop)
I think I loved the vintage Playboys most of all. the shots were more tease and subtle and just beautiful
Not just the woman, but the whole images that they create.
Bourbon Bettie has been sending me pictures that you can't find on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet. It's taken my a while to figure out the best way to showcase this lovely lady and the pictures that she sent me that so remind me of old Playboys.
So today I give you Bourbon Bettie. I love these pictures
Click Here to read the whole feature
Just a heads up... the rest of the images are Not Work Safe

Unlimited No. 9 Has Hit The Stands

Posted by John on January 26, 2015


Mark Anthony Lacy dropped me a note the other day and let me know he was sending a preview copy of Unlimited No. 9 and as a bonus Unlimited No. 8


At the moment I believe I own every issue of Unlimited and there's a damn good reason.

This is exactly the type of magazine I used to steal from my dad's dresser drawer.. you know the ones he used to hide from mom


Unlimited has pictorials, featuring Mark's photography, vintage ads, feature articles on old movie stars, some risque comics, even a real centerfold.


If you head over to Unlimited's website fork over your paltry $6.00 you can get yourself a downloadable pdf and read it yourself.
Personally. I think Mark take some very beautiful kick ass vintage-style shots and you don't often see this type of composition these days.
If you enjoy this little sample go grab a copy, maybe a couple of back issues
I think with a little nudging Mark would be able to make Unlimited even bigger and better