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My Favorite Pinups

Danny Stygion–Ten Years

I’ve been spending more time on Instagram than any place else these days… There are pinups all over the damn place so it’s kinda like my own little slice of heaven

I came across Danny Stygion when I was looking for Ludella Hahn, and I couldn’t be happier


Danny Stygion is a Houston Texas based Photographer, Publisher, and Filmmaker and I pretty much fell in love with his style as soon as I got a copy of his retrospective “Ten Years”. (note: this was a free pdf copy that he sent for signing up for his mailing list)


Introduction to “Ten Years”:

I was sixteen when I watched a documentary by Nick Broomfield in 1996 called “Fetishes.” The documentary explored an upscale BDSM dungeon in New York City.
I was fascinated by this world of fetishism and S&M. I soon discovered the work of Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese, and magazine publications such as Marquis, Skin Two, and Secret Magazine.

I’m intrigued by the visual of women dressed in fetish attire: nylon stockings, high heels, corset or girdle, latex or leather, etc.
I first explored filmmaking in the early 2000s before I became interested in photography. I greatly admired the work of Jeanloup Sieff, Steve Diet Goedde, and Chas Ray Krider.
I was later able to interview some of my heroes for Sinical Magazine, a magazine publication I co-founded in 2010.

This collection is a document of my favorite images from 2006-2016. I prefer to shoot a model in an elegant interior setting and utilize available window light.
After several years, I started to experiment with off camera flash photography with the use of accessories like colored gels and snoots.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed shooting them.
~ Danny Stygion


I was pretty damn happy looking at the images. Danny also publishes Sinical Magazine and I’ll be giving that a look later in the week.

Danny has a great eye for the shot and for bringing out the beauty of all the women he’s shot.


Model Mayhem
On the web


I’m adding Danny to my list of favorite photographers and you can be sure I’ll be stalking all of his sites.



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