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My Favorite Pinups

Canadian Cutie Holly Harlott

Let me introduce you to Holly Harlott… This Toronto based cutie stands 5’2” and is a very curvy 38F-27-38 and has a BA in cinema and media studies and is well on her way to a Masters in film preservation and collections management
All this and still finds the time to run a website a blog and of course take lots of beautiful pictures





I just love the look of this girl… the dark hair against pale skin really nail the old school Hollywood look and hits noir to a T
But that doesn’t mean she’s locked into that genre… look around and you’ll see glamour, boudoir and modern alt pinup
so many looks, so many pics, and I had to weed thru them all and pick just a few…
Care to guess how long it took? Yea I’m not telling




From Bustles and Bullets :

“I'm a pinup and alternative model and I've been on the scene for three years. I've always collected vintage clothing and used these pieces on my first shoots. As I got more into it, I started modelling more lingerie, corsets, and true vintage lingerie and I became obsessed with it. I have quite the collection of my own vintage lingerie, modern-day lingerie, and vintage clothing nowadays and I thought I'd share more about it as it's no fun just to keep it to myself! I love reading lingerie and fashion blogs and I figured I'd make one of my own!

?I'm based in Toronto, Canada but I occasionally travel to model. I'm working on my Master's degree in film preservation and collections management and I have my BA in cinema and media studies. I love old Hollywood cinema and the classical Hollywood era is one of my greatest inspirations for photo shoots. When I'm not modelling or busy with school, I like to drink coffee, watch movies and TV shows, and hopefully squeeze in a nap!”




HEY I drink and lot of coffee.. and everyone knows I love naptime!
so let’s go over the facts
Curvy – Check
Smart – Check
Versatile – Check
Beautiful - Check
I think we have a winner



To see more:





10I recently hit Instagram and saw that Holly had just started a live video session so I thought I would stick around for a while and see what she had to say. Turns out it was just her talking to whoever was there about whatever came to her mind. Some about school, some about random stuff, and of course the trolls came and went and I have to say she handled everything with grace and humor and she may very well be one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with

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